Property Management

At Smarte Real Estate our aim is to get you the highest price possible n the shortest period, we can negotiate the terms of the sale to suit your needs.

We offer lower commission rates than most of the big agents without compromising our service as we like to see more money in your pocket so you can make your next financial decision with the most money to back you up.

Our Marketing options are personalised to every client’s budget and we will offer advice on what we think the best marketing campaign options are for your property.

We understand that some people need to get the best price without spending too much money so we have already screened our companies we use to make sure you are getting good value for your money.

We believe that there is 2 main reasons a house does not sell –

  1. Marketing has not suited the target market and property
  2. The property is overpriced.

We understand that you want the best price for your home and we will work tirelessly to get it for you however we will also advise you what we think your property is worth and give you market data to confirm it.


At Smarte Real Estate we believe in integrity, honesty, reliability and trust we want our clients to be happy with every part of our service and we will work tirelessly to do the best for you.