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The feeling that potential buyers get when they see your home for the first time can be the difference between them returning to inspect a second or third time, and making an offer when the time comes, or bypassing it and searching elsewhere.

And the better your property presents, the higher the price and the quicker your home will sell

With that in mind, here are the simple steps you can take to ensure your home presents with maximum appeal.

The house should be spring cleaned. The little bits of dust that you don’t notice when you’re living there every day, that’s what buyers do notice, on the skirting boards and things like that

removing unnecessary furniture and other general clutter will give your home a sense of space, as well as making the home more open and easy to walk through during the inspection process.

Everything should be in good working order, to ensure all the lights are operating correctly and fix any obvious issues in and around the property.

Given the garden is often quite literally the first thing people see – or the only thing they see, if they’re driving by the garden should be well presented.